Alamarin-Jet Oy has manufactured water jet propulsion units since 1976 in Alahärmä, Finland. Alamarin jets are used by various authorities such as coast guard, police, customs and military authorities. Also Rescue Boat Societies and other demanding professional user categories trust in Alamarin products.

In the civilian applications Alamarin-Jet has attracted a number of user categories over many years. Leisure time fishermen, cottage owners and cruising boat owners value the overwhelming qualities of the water jet propulsion as compared to outboard engines and sterndrives.

Alamarin-Jet Oy is a member of HT LASER Oy group of companies. Alamarin-Jet Oy is a member of ILAMA (International Lifesaving Appliance Manufacturers´ Association) and of FINNISH MARINE INDUSTRIES FEDERATION FINNBOAT ry.

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