Amenkay Boatyard Services

Located at the southern part of West Malaysia, at Muar, Johor. A total of 93,000 sq. ft of hardstand area, 40,000 sq ft with a covered bay hangar.
Our boatlift maximum lift capacity is 80tons with a 7 meters wide.

Boatyard Services

We provide the following services to our clients :

• Design, Engineering & Construction of New Vessels

• Consultation, Troubleshooting, Reengineering &
Repowering Exercise

• Construction Discipline in Aluminum, Composite &
High Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE)

• Propulsion, Engine, Genset Supply, Installation,
Service & Repair

• Mechanical, Electrical Repair & Servicing

• Hull work Major Refit, Extension & Modification

• Surface Preparation (Sandblasting & Sanding) & Painting

• Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration,
Installation & Repair

Boatyard Facilities

• Boatlift & Finger Pier dimension :
L38m x W7m & rated lift of 80tons

• Covered Bay of 40,000 sq.ft.

• Open Yard of 53,000 sq.ft.

• A total of 93,000 sq.ft. of hardstand.

• Screw Type Air Compressor for air delivery of
13.74 m3/min @ 7.5Bar
12.44 m3/min at 10Bar
10.43 m3/min at 13Bar

• Trained personnel in all discipline 

Pilot Launch Service

We offer the services using dedicated pilot boats built to USL Code Class 2C for 6 crews. Vessel is to survey by Marine Board of Victoria. Currently vessels are licensed by Marine Department of Malaysia to operate within port limit.

Vessel is a medium-V planning mono-hull of marine grade aluminum alloy with a single cabin forward. Powered by twin Caterpillar 3126TA 420hp @ 2800rpm marine diesel engine driving Ultrajets Model UJ305 water jet unit via ZF280PL1 gearbox.

Simple galley is arranged on deck with facilities of Microwave Oven, Instant hot-water tap and refrigerator. Below the deck is a crew space with toilet aft to port. Access to the sleeping space is by a companion way from the wheelhouse. The fully enclosed air-conditioned wheelhouse is fitted with helm to starboard, seating for a crew of four, all four seats are KAB U2/XH2 suspension type. The hull is constructed based on a proven design with a layout for pilotage work.

Design strength and stability and all other aspects of construction conform to USL code requirements. This includes navigation, communication system and safety requirements. Special safety features like aft rails are laid out to protect crew during bad weather operation, roof rail and console rail to ensure pilot safety for embarkation/disembarkation routine.

Among the special feature of the boat is, a Marlin Board constructed at the transom to simplify recovery of man overboard. This is an added feature and it is made possible by the water jet propulsion that does not expose any danger to person in the water.

Another additional advantage of being water-jet driven, the boat has the capability for shallow draft navigation. Therefore the boat is not only a versatile craft for pilotage operation but is also applicable for emergency duty in shallow water.

Pilot Boat Specifications

Leangth (Measured).      : 12.26 metres
Beam Moulded               : 4.20 Metres
Depth Moulded               : 1.70 metres
Draft (Fully Loaded)       : 0.57 metres
Displacement                 : 11.00 tonnes
Operating Speed           : 25 knots
Max Speed (Half Load) : 30 knots

PRO:ZERO Service Center

Amenkay Teknik is now officially an authorized service point for PRO:ZERO boats. Pro:Zero is a world class boat builder from Denmark.



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